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May 2019

Episode 39: Less is More with Rose Lounsbury.

May 22, 2019

Episode 39: Less is More with Rose Lounsbury.

Do you ever think you have too much STUFF? UGH. I surely do. That's why I'm so excited that Rose Lounsbury decided to hop on to the MountainMovers Podcast to talk about becoming a MINIMALIST. Some of us look around our homes and feel like we are drowning in STUFF. It can be deflating at times, can't it? 

Rose has triplets and I'm here to tell you, children have the ability to drive some of us into wanting rid of all the I right? Her journey started with eliminating their towels to 2 per family member and it went from there. Rose has so many tips and tricks to get rid of all the things that cause us to feel overwhelmed.

Rose has a book called, Less. Minimalism for Real. She does webinars and is active on social media @roselounsbury on Instagram and on Facebook too. Let us know your thoughts on living a lighter life.