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Jun 2019

Episode 41: Rustic Hope Replay

June 6, 2019

Episode 41: Rustic Hope Replay

We are swamped with a new season of SUMMER. We have a few new episodes to release, but they still need edited....eek.

So we wanted to bring back Rustic Hope. Rustic Hope encompasses a HOT topic. The topic of abortion. YES. I said it. One of the debates of the pro-choice group is, "What do we do with these 'unwanted' babies?"

Our friend Connie stepped up to the plate with an OPTION. Most abortions happen because these mommas, often times have no support system. So they turn to abortion feeling like it's the ONLY WAY. Rustic Hope makes becoming a mommy an OPTION, with HOPE. I can't wait for you to hear what Connie is doing to help young moms who feel hopeless, develop into mommy's full of purpose and HOPE!