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Aug 2019

Episode 47: Look how far you’ve come girl…. Confessions of a Former Mean Girl.

August 12, 2019

Episode 47: Look how far you've come girl.... Confessions of a Former Mean Girl.

Girls are mean. Am I right? If you are raising daughters, like Katie and I are, it causes one to pause and reflect. Were we this mean? Were we this hateful? The truth of the matter is, if you look back you can reflect on the little girl you used to be and look forward to the woman you have become. Perhaps, you look into the archives of your life and ponder what you could have done to be a better human being in that time of your life? The reality is, when we are young, we just don't always do the right thing. We act out in ways that will make our future selves cringe. Right?

In this episode, we take a look into our past experiences and talk it out. As per usual, Katie and I have very different reflections!! 

Sit back and reflect with us. And maybe share a story or two of how the woman you became moved mountains to overcome the girl you once were.