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Jan 2020

Season 2. Episode 14. Fear is a Liar.

January 30, 2020

Season 2. Episode 14. Fear is a Liar.

What is your greatest fear?

Does is control you? Does it interfere with the woman, or the man, that you were made to be? Are you paralyzed by this fear?

Sarah and I have fears. Perhaps, the greatest thing we have in common as a human race is FEAR; you know, the things we cannot control, but we wish we could. This notion that Fear is a Liar is a fact. Fear is a monster, that cripples us from enjoying our lives. It rears it's ugly head in the worst of times.

But did you know.....The opposite of Fear is Love?

In this episode we dive in to what the Bible says about fear and how we can prepare to overcome our greatest fears.

We love hearing from our listeners. Tell us your fears and what you have tried to do to get over them.