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Feb 2020

Season 2. Episode 16. Everything is TABOO.

February 26, 2020

Season 2. Episode 16. Everything is TABOO.

We live in a society that no longer embraces other side of the story. We aren't able to tolerate another's perspective or opinion. Why is that? Why must we lose our table manners at the mention of the other political party or your vegetarian neighbor or the over the top cheer mom?

Sarah and I are gonna iron it all out for you!

We talk all the things TABOO.

We lay it all out there. And, as always, we give you a fun challenge to move those mountains in your life! We encourage you to embrace the other side of the fence and we challenge you to listen to another perspective. This episode was so much fun to record and we know you will most definitely be able to relate!!! Enjoy. And please tell us what mountains you are going to move in your lives with subjects that are sooooo.... TABOO!