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Oct 2019

Season 2. Episode 5. Forgiveness.

October 9, 2019

Season 2. Episode 5. Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is NOT easy. It's letting go of a darkness you hold inside your heart for someone else. It's a process and a healing that takes time. It's psychological and emotional and spiritual. It can put you in a bad place. But FORGIVENESS is essential to heal the bitterness from the inside out.

Think about all the times when you let thoughts of ill will for another person just fester inside. The whirlwind of thoughts you can never let go of. It just plays in your mind on REPEAT. It's unhealthy. It robs you of JOY. But the instant you say those three simple words "I forgive you" it begins to heal your heart and your soul.

We should never deny the power of forgiveness. It will set you FREE.