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Feb 2019

Episode 27: Confessions of a “former” Mean Girl.

February 26, 2019

Episode 27: Confessions of a former Mean Girl.

Who is thankful for learning from our past? For change? For becoming better versions of ourselves? Well, Katie and I are so blessed by the changes we can see as we've matured into the women we are today, as well as the women we have yet to become! Join us as we discuss how Katie used some of her pain as a shield to protect herself from being hurt. She shielded herself with being mean to others. It was her way of protecting herself. Can you think of ways you may have used being a Mean Girl to hide behind the reality of your life? I think we all can. 

It's so interesting getting to hear her perspective on who she used to be and how she has been able to move the mountains of her past to grow into an amazing human, who is eager to help her daughters through the pain of their inevitable Mean Girls. As per usual, our experiences are quite different. We hope this episode stirs something up inside of you to reflect on how far you've come.