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Mar 2019

Episode 28: Purpose over Perfection. Living purpose filled life after tragedy strikes. With Katie Mader.

March 6, 2019

Episode 28: Purpose over Perfection.

Do you find yourself basking in the glow of your perfect Instagram page? The "perfection" of your highlight reel on full display and Pinterest worthy? I personally find it to be exhausting. Yet we all continue to "appear" fabulously put together. Smiles on point. Fully engaged in "all the things." Picture of perfection.

But what if your world gets flip turned upside-down with unexpected tragedy and everything you thought was once important was suddenly very unimportant. Maybe you find yourself looking through the lens of your life from a very different vantage point?

Meet our friend Katie, as she describes her life after tragedy, and how suddenly she realized that the things she thought were so important aren't the things that are important after all. Her life takes on new purpose and she finds herself adjusting to a new normal. Her blessings are abundant and her priorities are somehow still in check.