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May 2019

Episode 38: Be an ADVOCATE for your Health with Erica Thompson.

May 15, 2019

Episode 38: Be an ADVOCATE for your Health with Erica Thompson.

What if you were feeling things you had never felt before in your body? What if you were having migraines 5 times per week, and thought that was normal? What if you walked into a store and couldn't remember how to get out? What if you were too tired to function? Would you believe in your heart of hearts that you were losing your mind? That you had something very wrong with you? 

What if you kept getting tests done that showed nothing? Blood work comes back clean. MRI scans of your brain show nothing. Would you keep searching for answers? Or would you just accept life as it is?

Erica experienced these things and more and has refused to give up. She knows she was made for a purpose. She knows that the Lord is going to use these mountains to create a testimony that will help others, when they don't see the light at the end of their tunnel. Erica continues to be an advocate for her physical and mental health and is on a path towards finding some answers. She knows that with each step forward and with each trial and error, she is in a battle for the Lord, so she refuses to give up hope in her pursuit for answers.

Erica is a wife, a mommy of three, a school counselor and a follower of Christ and one of my best friends.