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Oct 2018

Episode 6: Marriage Maintenance. Interview with Liz Giertz.

October 3, 2018

Liz Giertz is a graduate of the United States Military Academy. She is a Veteran of the United States Army. She is an author, a blogger, a crafter, a wife, and a momma of 2 handsome middle school aged boys. This woman is a powerhouse and one of my favorite women on the planet. Join us as we listen to her share her fascinating story of challenging herself and setting goals. And how she felt called into writing, a very necessary, workbook for military families who are reintegrating post deployment. Her tales are relatable and transparent and we are thrilled for you to meet her!

Feeling the need to get in touch with Liz? Here are a few ways she can be reached.

*I have included a link to get your hands on these workbooks too!