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Sep 2019

Season 2. Episode 2. Human Trafficking with Nicole Bernard.

September 18, 2019

Season 2. Episode 2. Human Trafficking with Nicole Bernard.

Human Trafficking is a hot topic. It's an age old problem that continues to evolve over time. Knowledge is POWER. Our mission is to educate our mountain movers on the destruction and exploitation that is happening right here within our communities all over our great nation.

Nicole Bernard is the founder of an organization in North Carolina called Shield North Carolina. Shield targets specific communities and organizations within a municipality that are most likely to interface with an individual who is at risk for exploitation or is already being exploited. Shield develops trained, volunteer-led teams to serve those identified communities to help them defend their own territories by meeting their specific needs with tailored solutions. Those needs may include offering training, mentor programs, protocols, grant writing or awareness campaigns. 

Nicole will blow your mind with her vast knowledge and personal anecdotes.

For more information on how you can learn more about Shield NC, or how you can get involved in some way, please visit

*If you know of someone who you believe is currently being exploited in some way, here is a hotline you can call 1-888-373-7888.